Each set provided consists of a minimum of 5 original hickory golf clubs (1 wood, a long/mid iron, a mashie niblick, a niblick and a putter). Depending on the number of participants additional irons may be available such as jiggers (vintage chipping club) or an additional iron. We cater for right and left-handed golfers and s well ladies.


We recommend participants use the softest compression golf balls as these will give the best performance coupled with the vintage clubs playing characteristics. Examples of these balls are:

Wilson DX2 Soft or DX3 Spin, Srixon Soft Feel, Titleist DT SoLo or Callaway Supersoft



A vintage golf bag will be provided.

Vintage Golf Days can provide up to 48 sets of hickory golf clubs



We will provide each player with some reproduction “reddy” tees which were the choice of the period, one colour, one length!

As you will be entering a vintage period event we politely request that any distance devices are left at home.